Italian gourmet almond, fig, pistachio and sesame cookies baked and shipped from our bakery in Italy to you; all natural, fresh, and baked to order. Great Italian recipes!
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"The cookies arrived yesterday. They are delicious and well worth the wait. We will certainly be ordering them again."   Phil Franco  Holland, Pennsylvania
"The cookies are delicious! Thanks again for your personal interest in my satisfaction with your products. I know it will be a pleasure dealing with you."   Rosanna Butta  Baldwin, New York
"Hi, I just subscribed to two of your free newsletters and am looking forward to great recipes and a bit of humor."   Rose C.  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 
"I am very happy with the replacement order of almond cookies. They arrived in perfect condition and in time for Thanksgiving where I can share them with 28 family members! They look beautiful, smell terrific and taste absolutely heavenly. The ingredients we have here just cannot duplicate the flavors of Italy. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing about other products as you make them available. And...I just might take you up on your invitation to visit the next time I am with relatives in Mazara del Vallo. Ciao!"   Phyllis Adamo  San Diego, California
"Well -- it was worth it. The cookies arrived today and they are as I hoped they would be - moist, almondy in the middle, just as I remember from weddings back in New York. (Where my people first landed from Sicily.) Thanks for having the bravura to ship them all over the world! My friends are hoping I will order more cookies for the holidays. They really loved them. Even the fussiest! Aloha and the best to you."   Eleanor Colaianni Snyder  Kalaheo, Hawaii
"The cookies came just in time for Thanksgiving. My wife, Grace, likes the cookies so much that she didn't put them all out for our guests. She saved some so that we could enjoy them this week. We went to visit family in New York two weeks ago and bought some almond cookies at an Italian pastry store. Your cookies are much better."   Phil Franco  Holland, Pennsylvania
"Dear Signor Leo, yes, your cookies arrived safely and all of the family thoroughly enjoyed it! They were delicious as usual! Of course, as soon as I know when our family will be coming over, I will definitely order the cookies from your bakery! Thank you for your warm wishes and I wish you all there a Happy Spring!"   Joanne L.  Glen Ridge, New Jersey
"Your magnificent cookies arrived Wednesday morning just in time for me to serve them that day for a brunch I was hosting for a few friends. Needless to say, your delectable cookies were a big hit with my guests. They were so good that my friend's 7 year old son requested all the crumbs from the plastic bag to eat on his vanilla ice cream!"   Phil Fusciello  Jersey City, New Jersey
"May I compliment you for the quality of the almond cookies which I ordered. You came highly recommended by a friend of mine. Your cookies arrived in a timely manner, within 7 days from order date. They were tasty and everyone who has tried them has truly enjoyed them. This evening I also extracted the three recipes that your web site offers, my wife will make them within the week. I shall recommend both your web site and your almond cookies to everyone I know. I was born in Campobello di Licata, Provincia di Agrigento. I presently live in San Diego, California USA. Thank you again."   Salvatore D'Auria  San Diego, California
"I am very glad I found your site. I am 3rd generation Italian and was raised on so many wonderful Italian dishes. I grew up in New York where Italian bakery's were always available. I will never forget as a child, shopping with my grandmother, our last stop was the bakery. I live in Arizona now and there are no bakeries. I would love to try your cookies but I need to know how long they will take from Italy? And what are the shipping charges? I look forward to hearing from you."   Barbara S. Arizona

"Just wanted to tell you that the cookies were wonderful! Arrived in in perfect condition, the packing was great. Your cookies reminded me of my younger days in Brooklyn, when our family would gather on Sunday to enjoy food and company. So hard to find my favorite cookies now, but so happy to have found your website. Plan to order again...and also may stop in on our next trip to Italy. Ciao, and once again, GRAZIE!!!"  
Laura C.T.  Grapevine, Texas
"The cookies arrived on Saturday afternoon. They were delicious!"   Joseph P.  Canton, Ohio
"Ciao Adriana - my 38 year old son and my 30 year old daughter are in love with your cookies also! They were at the house and by the time they left, there weren't too many left! I will be placing another order which I will have them arrive just before New Years as that day I make my "famous" Lasagna and stuffed shells w/spinach."   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"The cookies arrived and I must tell you that they are delicious. Father Virgilio loved them. I have already ordered more. I hope to be a regular customer. mille grazie!"   Cheryl Boll  Albuquerque, New Mexico
"Our cookie order arrived yesterday. What a wonderful surprise! They are terrific! They reminded me of long ago when we were able to get this quality back in New York. You have a customer for life."   Lenore Finnin  Tempe, Arizona
"Please tell Adriana how delicious I think they are. They honestly taste of Italy. When I opened my box it was like walking into my grandmothers kitchen, even though she was from the north of Italy, Genoa. The odors really brought me back some sixty years. Adriana is a jewel and should be treasured. Another thing. The note she wrote and  put in with the shipment looked almost as if my mother wrote it. Adriana's handwriting is very much like my mother's was. It gave me a very pleasant feeling. I know my friends are going to be delighted with the cookies, just as I am. One package is going to a close friend who spent last summer (two weeks) in Sicily and came home very impressed with your part of Italy. I've never been to Sicily, but when I do come to visit I'll give you plenty of warning. I would very much like to meet you and Adriana. I hope your business here in the States will prosper. You have an exceptional product and you'll be hearing from me again, soon I hope."  Robert Mahoney  Fairfax, California
"Thank you for answering my e-mail. Yes indeed, the cookie order did arrive in perfect order. Everyone is raving how delicious they are!  We certainly will be ordering more in the near future. Thank you for your kind invitation to visit Adriana's when I come to Italy. My fathers parents were from Cefalu, and so we will be visiting Sicily."   Lenore Finnin  Tempe, Arizona
"I wanted to let you know that the cookies arrived in time for Christmas! My aunt received the package on Sunday, Christmas Eve. They are delicious. I think I have started a new tradition and I will be sending your cookies to her every Christmas. My grandparents were both born in Ischia and it was a special treat for my aunt to get cookies from Italy. Thanks for the wonderful cookies and the great service."   Sheila Stewart  West Warwick, Rhode Island
"After the primo piatto of salami. mortadella, cappicola, sicilian olives and artichoke hearts, came the secondo piatto of: two pans of Lasagna and one pan of baked stuffed shells, came coffee and dessert! Everyone loved the cookies especially my grandson Nathan who is a year and a half... They all were very impressed! (Bella Figura). Thank you very much for your more than kind attention to my order of which there are about 6 cookies left!   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"Your cookies are sensational No need to worry about a freshness date. They'll be long gone."   Jim Carnathan  South Yarmouth, Massachusetts
"The cookies arrived in great condition and are absolutely outstanding. You will be receiving other orders from me as well as my family and friends. We are enjoying them very, very much!"   Frank Ranelli  Birmingham, Alabama
"Sono venuto a conoscenza del Vostro sito per caso e non credevo che veramente si potevano ordinare dei dolci via Internet e da Santo Stefano Quisquina, cosi ho fatto il mio piccolo ordine di Dolci di Mandorla. Oggi stesso li ho ricevuti dopo solo 4 giorni dall'ordine devo ammettere che erano ancora molto freschi. Adesso non devo aspettare per venire ad Alessandria della Rocca per mangiarli. Sono cosi buoni che 2 amici anno gia inoltrato altri due ordini. Grazie e spero possiate aggiungere altri tipi di dolci sul vostro web site."   Giuseppe Maniscalco  Tampa, Florida
"I recently sent my mother some of your cookies for Valentines Day and I wanted to let you know that she said they were delicious!  She's 84 years old, so there is little I can give her except food gifts, and I love it when she gets something she really enjoys. Thank you very much. (I'll be ordering some for myself...)"   Jean Feller  Portland, Oregon
"The cookies arrived Friday afternoon and they are pure heaven. I ordered them to share with friends at a party we will be giving. However, I have a feeling I'll need to order more because I don't think these will last that long.  I honestly haven't had a cookie that tasted that wonderful in a really long time. I will definitely be letting friends know about your bakery and delicious cookies. Thank you also for the wonderful invitation of the tour and dinner.  My husband and I will take a look at our plans and if we are able to come, we would consider it an honor. I will keep you posted on our plans. Thank you again Mr. Ciccarello for you patience as well regarding the credit card matter, I'm glad it all worked out.  Please also thank everyone at the bakery for producing such a delicious product.  You can be expecting a reorder from me very soon!"   Rhonda Leonard  Tacoma, Washington
"Oggi, ho ricevuto i dolcini. Squisiti! Sabato, saremo a pranzo con due amici dalla Puglia. Porterò i biscotti per 'dessert'. Sicuro che sarà una sorpresa piacevole. Did you understand my Italian? I guess it is not too bad considering I never formally studied the language. I was raised with only the spoken Sicilian dialect, so writing 'Italian' is a huge challenge. The cookies are fabulous. Hopefully I won't eat them all before Saturday. Ciao and thank you...They arrived in perfect condition :O) "   Phyllis Adamo  San Diego, California
"I have to tell you that your cookies were the best I've ever tasted. That includes my Mother's which are super. I wouldn't hesitate recommending your baked goods to anyone. The only problem was putting them down before I ate too many."   Joseph Monticello  Turtletown, Tennessee
"My sister (Linda Frayser) from Oklahoma came to visit and brought some of your cookies they are delicious. I can't wait to get some more!"   Francis Smith  Riverside, California
"Hi, my name is Marianna Cannella and I have ordered cookies from you before and they were wonderful; just like the ones my Mother used to make. We are from Serradifalco, Sicily, and we make them more or less like you do but I don't have the time to make them anymore and this is so convenient. Thank you for your wonderful product and for making so many beautiful memories come back with your terrific cookies. Grazie tanto!"   Marianna Cannella  Monmouth Junction, New Jersey
"I received the cookies today and they are delicious. I can't wait to share them with my friends at work. Thank you for sending the replacement order -- they were worth waiting for!"   Jean Feller  Portland, Oregon
"We just received our first order of your cookies...great! We will be ordering more again and again...the flavor is wonderful!"   Rose DiFante  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"I just wanted to let you know that my parents received your cookies and said they were delicious. It was a gift for their 30th anniversary. Thank you for taking the time to answer my inquiry and for sending beautifully wrapped and delicious cookie."   Annette Nieves  Manassas, Virginia
"I live in Oregon, USA but my heart is in Italy!!! Love getting the newsletter, will order more cookies come the holidays and pray that my dream of visiting Italy and Sicily (home of Father) comes true. Thank you for your newsletter."   Toni, USA
"I received the cookies on Monday by Fed-Ex, just as you promised. They were a HUGE hit. You would be amazed at how many people in Tampa have Sicilian roots. For some reason, people from Santo Stefano gravitated to Tampa. My wife took some to her work. She works for a Federal Judge, William Castagna. He is in his seventies.  His family is from Enna. He loved them too. Many other people tried the cookies, and they said things like "This reminds me of my nanna. I hope you get a lot of business from all the exposure. By the way, let me compliment you on the English you write. If only I could write Italian or Sicilian half as good. Tell my mezzo fratello Sam hello for Ciao,Turido"    Sam Ciccarello  Tampa, Florida
"Non mi ero resa conto che l'e-mail era destinato in Italia. Credevo che ci fosse un distributorship in USA. Complimenti per la Vs. ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese nonche' che per il Vs. stupendo sito internet e tutto. Mi fa' piacere osservare come siete cosi ben preparati e quindi sono certa che questa Vs.estrema attenzione ai dettagli non fa' che complimentare la bonta' dei Vs. prodotti. Auguroni!!! Siete una magnifica dimostrazione del savoir faire italiano. Essendo anch io italiana (molisana) sento un orgoglio profondo per aziende nostrane come la vostra che riescono cosi' elegantemente a concorrere nel WORLD WIDE WEB. Sono interessata anche a diffondere qui in USA la consocenza della Vs. azienda e mi piacerebbe in seguito discutere anche cio'. Ne sareste interessati? In tale attesa e' gradita l'occasione per ringraziarVi, ed inviarVi i migliori auguri e saluti."   Emilia Berardi  Hackensack, New Jersey
"I received my cookies and they are wonderful. I've been serving them to my friends and they think they're the best they've ever had. I served some to my 91 year old uncle who is Italian (as we all are) and he ate as many as he could and took the rest home. He said that at Christmas he doesn't want cigars, he just wants a box of your cookies. Ciao!"   Mary Lou Knopick  Binghamton, New York
"I learned of your cookies through Giuseppe Maniscalco. He was kind enough to share some with me. A few weeks later, I, too, placed an order and shared them with my family and friends. My cousin, Sam Ciccarello placed an order too. Word is spreading! Keep up the good work!"   Laura Alessi DeLucia  Tampa, Florida
"I am using the six languages that I speak to express my gratitude to all of you. However, words cannot fully express how I felt when I opened the packages I received from you. I was so overwhelmed by the care and love you put into your products. Everything was PERFECT. The aroma which escaped as the packages were opened was PURE HEAVEN. The confetti were exactly the ones I wanted. The trays were the ones that you can only find in Italy and exactly the way that I wanted to serve this "manna from heaven" which the name dolci di mandorla doesn't do justice to. Even the strings are beautiful. Thank you also for the beautiful card, with your good wishes and with the beautiful quote that I will always cherish. With the aroma and the taste of one cookie and one confetto, I was immediately transported to our beautiful Italy. Your products are priceless and real jewels. I think that they will play a major part in making the party unforgettable. I plan to keep you posted on the reactions of my family and guests. I thank God for all of you. I never thought that love could be packaged, but, you have really managed to do it. Best regards. GRAZIE INFINITE!"   Emilia Berardi  Hackensack, New Jersey
"Thank you very much for your quick reply. I just got word from my grandparents that they did receive the cookies and loved them! They also asked "How do we order more cookies from Italy". So I will forward your web site on to them and I'm sure you will be receive many more orders from our family. Thank you again. The cookies, which are all gone were delicious. Thank you again,"   Colleen K L'Heureux  East Providence, Rhode Island
"Adriana, The cookies have arrived just in time to have a couple with my early afternoon Espresso. The orange flavored are magnificent! My wife's mother is with us for the summer and she says that they are truly wonderful! Thanks again for the great products and superlative service!"   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful service and my father said the cookies were delicious. They arrived Monday, as you suggested they probably would. He was very surprised and pleased. My Dad is from New York, his family is from Sicily, cookies like yours and pastries bring back fond memories. Again I thank you. The next order will be for myself!   Fran Ragazzo  Moreno Valley, California
"Another testimony and recommendation. We had our (almost) annual Welcome to Summer Party this past weekend and I ordered some more cookies from Adriana's company. In my order, I mentioned the party date and was thrilled to learn that they waited until just a few days before my party to place my cookie order into production so they would be REALLY fresh! Nobody in the US provides this kind of service! They now offer 4 varieties, so I ordered a kilo of each. They were all gone half way through the party, and people were pinching the crumbs from the plates! Great tasting cookies with great service... It can't get much better!"   Scott Erickson  San Jose, California
"Well just like you said, they arrived. Two boxes, wrapped like my Aunt Rose used to send me for Christmas. Opened them right away, were DELICIOUS, will order again. We have a large extended Italian-American family, this will be fun on the Fourth OF JULY CELEBRATION. My Italian is very poor but, mille grazie tutti"   Paolo Sciria  Auburn, New York
"I'm looking forward to receiving your cookies, I'm having a little gathering on the 21st of July and hope to serve your wonderful cookies. Roseann brought some of them to our cousins luncheon last Saturday and every one raved on how tasty they were."   Edy Peoples  Concord, California
"Received your almond cookies today, my neighbor, my daughter and I opened the package with great anticipation. We were like children. The instant the package was opened we all had a cookie and then another and then another... The cookies are even better then anticipated. They are prefect. I immediately portioned them off and send samples to my mother who is 86 years old and my brother and his wife who is facing a serious medical crisis. I know these cookies will bring joy to them and show a ray of sunshine... The cookies are perfect... They have brought great happiness today to all that have tasted them. Thank you!"   Geri Cicero  Beechhurst, New York
"Hi, Thank you for contacting me regarding my order. The Plescia family was very pleased and surprised they missed your bakery when they were in Italy in your town. I will be ordering again soon. Thank you."   Darlene Uzzalino Czesniewski  Montvale, New Jersey
"Yes, the Lesser's loved the cookies. They arrived safe and unbroken. I was very pleased that they were very well received and delicious! Thanks for the follow up. I will be ordering more, possibly for myself! Thanks again."   Maria DeNicola  Lakeland, Florida
"The cookies again were delicious!!! We had company from Italy and they thought the cookies were excellent also. Thank you, and again, the cookies were absolutely delicious. You have me as a steady customer. Thank you. Ciao! Regards"   Nina Leuzzi  Rocky Hill, Connecticut
"Your cookies arrived safely and right on time! And, the best part, is that they were absolutely delicious and all my relatives and friends loved them. I'll be ordering cookies from Italy as holiday gifts for my friends and family because they enjoyed them so much at the wedding. Thank you so much for making our special day all the more special. And, I must also tell you, that your customer service is absolutely fabulous. More companies here in the USA should be as conscientious and customer oriented as you obviously are. We were married in New York State on Sodus Bay, which is on Lake Ontario and the largest fresh water bay of the Great Lakes. It's where we have our summer home. I'm attaching a picture of the beautiful sunset on Sodus Bay and of one on our wedding day, overlooking Lake Ontario. Thanks again for all your best wishes and for your attention and consideration. Regards,"   Angela Rueter  Plano, Texas
"Good day, Leo and all at Adriana's! On behalf of the Farina and Casto family who recently celebrated Philip and Michelle's wedding in Corpus Christis, Texas, let me say... EXCELLENT! FANTASTIC! DELICIOUS! The cookies were superb! Other than one box being a little beat up from the travels the order was a tremendous success. Everyone who sampled them loved them! I am amazed at how well they maintained their freshness despite the travels. We are very pleased with our decision to order from Adrianna's! And we will surely do so again! Most guests requested your website before they left the festivities. Thank you so much not only for delicious cookies but for your wonderful customer service through out the planning and ordering process. It has been a pleasure. We plan on making Adriana's a stop on our maps when we visit Sicily. Until then, best wishes and continued Success!!!"   Lisa Farina-Lopez  Bonita Springs, Florida
"I just wanted to thank you for the birthday email you sent me. With all the customers you have and the busy holiday season in full swing it was a wonderful surprise to receive the birthday greeting last month. Many, many thanks --- for the birthday greeting and for this wonderful website where I can purchase your wonderful cookies! A very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, Happy New Year to you and your family. Best regards"   Mary Lou Muthig  Wallkill, New  York
"My mouth is already watering... Last time, I was bringing some to party, but due to weather, it was rescheduled for a month later... I froze the cookies and took them out the day of the party. The cookies never made to dessert time... Everyone kept sneaking into the kitchen to steal them and by the time dinner was more cookies! Thanks for making such a great product. Happy Holidays."   Michele Natali  Howell, New Jersey
"Thank you for your prompt response to my e-mail asking for assistance with your website. I was able to complete my order last night for cookies to be sent to Japan. I have ordered from your site several times and have always been pleased with the delicious cookies. Thanks again"   Christine Torre  Yorba Linda, California
"Dear Adriana, just a note to tell you how absolutely delicious the cookies were. I certainly will be ordering again! Sincerely",   Roberta Downey  Bangor, ME
"Adriana, may I tell you, that the cookies were absolutely great my entire family and our friends loved them. They were a big part of our Christmas Holiday. Grazie per rendere la nostra festa nuovo anno meraviglioso e felice!"   Jack Vince  Orlando, Florida
"Everyone enjoys your cookies and receiving them. I encouraged my sister, Mary Sabens, to send your cookies. My wife had childhood friends over and Marie Grammas Faleh was so impressed, she asked me for your web site to order. I want to thank you for the outstanding service and delicious cookies. Have a happy and prosperous New Year."   Charles Bordenca  Alabaster, Alabama
"The cookies were wonderful and everyone in the family enjoyed them. They bring back so many memories of our stay in your country. I recommend that anyone who may want to try them they will not be disappointed. You will be hearing from us again. Thank you".   Mary Krueger  Wellington, Florida
"I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful letter that made me feel so very special as your customer. My brother and his wife absolutely loved the cookies. I have ordered for them before and it is always a welcome gift. We are in the middle of some very major snowstorms where I am here in America and thinking of Italy makes me long to feel the warmth of your beautiful country. Thank you again. I will be ordering from you again. Warmest regards,"   Angela Halloran  Prospect, Connecticut
"Thank you so much for your email. The cookies I had order was a surprise for my husband. He just loves cookies. I haven't had Italian cookies since I was a little girl my aunt use to bake them. Of course they were different from the ones I ordered. My husband and I enjoyed them so much. He said they were delicious. We even shared with my brothers and their wives. Both my sons were home on Christmas Day and they also enjoyed the cookies. Since I'm Italian they were an extra special treat for me. Thank you so much. Hope to order more in the future."   Charlene Margeson  Cincinnati, Ohio
"The cookies arrived in time for the holidays and they enjoyed them very much. Thank you for taking such good care. My Dad lives in England and I live in Texas so when I found your web site, you helped me with a big problem of sending a gift to him. A million thanks!"   Zina Versaggi Graalfs  Austin, Texas
"Yes, the cookies were all well-received and enjoyed. The box that went to Wyoming went to my sister's family with three teenage boys, so those cookies didn't last long! I sent the Buccellati to my sister In California, who was beginning a course of chemotherapy for breast cancer and I knew a little something tasty from Italy would cheer her up. Thank you for following up; as always we appreciate the fine quality of your products and the quick shipping. Sincerely,"   Jean Feller  Portland, Oregon
"We received our package and enjoyed them very much. It was very hard keeping my sons out of them so I could sample too. Thanks for the follow-up. When I plan my trip to Sicily I will make it a point to visit you and sample everything. Regards,"   Rich Salamone  Dayton, Ohio
"Buon Giorno!!! I am well and the almond cookies were benissimo!!! This past October I visited Sicily and toured your beautiful island and also the birthplace of my grandfather, Palma di Montechiaro. I fell in love with Sicily and the wonderful cookies reminded me of our trip. My family and friends enjoyed them also. I will be ordering them again around Easter time. Grazie mille...."   Sharon Sambito,  USA
"The cookies were Bellissimo!"   Vince Pardo  Tampa, Florida
"My whole family looked forward to the last shipment of your cookies and when they arrived, they all enjoyed them very much!"   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"Dear Adriana, for the past four years we have been able to visit cousins in Ferla, in the province of Siracusa. Each visit they serve us delicious, chewy almond cookies. We have searched everywhere in the United States for these cookies but to no avail. Then we found Cookies from Sicily. We have enjoyed our first order. They arrived so perfectly and securely packaged in a styrofoam container. We were amazed at how fresh and delicious they were...just like being transported back to La Bella Sicilia. Ti ringraziamo! We have ordered cookies now as gifts for family members and my husband has noticed that our current order is getting low and has asked me..."Have you placed another order yet?" So, I did so this evening. Your website is very professional and easy to navigate. Your order process is very efficient and secure. We are very impressed and will continue to enjoy your products. Also, I received a beautiful electronic birthday card from you last week and was surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness."   Patricia Edie,  USA
"Thank you for the response and for sending your wonderful cookies to my brother. Everyone we have sent these to have loved them."   Leslie Meyr  Arlington, Virginia
"Un salutone a tutti voi della bakery. I cookies sono arrivati entro 4 giorni e in perfetta condizione, e dopo 6 settimane era rimasto qualcuno e ancora erano freschissimi come il primo giorno, devo ammettere che siete degli artisti su questo campo. Le altre tre persone che ci siamo divisi i cookies sono rimasti molto sorpresi della freschezza dei biscotti e del buon sapore, vi salutano anche loro. Purtroppo non si possono ordinare spesso perche per il fatto del cambio sono un po' caruccio, ma quando abbiamo qualche buona occasione faremo un'altro ordine. Mi fa molto piacere rimanere in contatto con voi e quando decido di venire in Italia voglio venire a farvi una visita e mi farò una buona mangiata :-). Ciao per adesso, a risentirci."   Giuseppe Gagliardi  North York, Ontario, Canada
"Thank you very much for the update on my orders. At the same moment I received your email I received a email from my family in Pescara to tell me how delicious the cookies are. I can't wait to taste them myself. I have just discovered my family in Italy and I appreciated you sending my gifts for me. I hope to get to Sicily one day and perhaps I can visit your bakery. Thank You so much. Have a blessed and Happy Easter."   Marianne DiTonno  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
"Hello Mr. Ciccarello. Thank you for your recent e-mail. Yes, the Buccellati sent to us and to my sister, Mrs. Presti, arrived in good shape and were delicious. They have all been consumed. We have been so pleased with the Buccellati that we have recently repeated our order and ordered some other cookies in addition. Your bakers must be complimented for their work. Sincerely,"   Dr. Leo Nicotra  San Francisco, California
"I am recieving the newsletter and am thrilled. It is so hard to find "good" recipies and this web site is just the ticket. Also, I love baking the "old" cookies (especially for weddings) and this is keeping me happy and busy. Thanks so much."   Josephine Valicenti, USA
"Yes the cookies arrived right on time. I took part of them to the NC shore for our vacation and shared them with friends there. Everyone thought they were delicious. I just love the almond flavor - very different from our "manufactured" cookies here in the states. I will order again in early December so I will have them to serve during the Christmas holiday. Thanks again for a great product - I'll share your website with my friends."   Connie Holt, USA
"My grandmother and others really are enjoying your companies cookies. She's in a nursing home and hasn't had delicious Italian cookies in a long time. Congratulations and thanks for your great food and excellent service!" Sincerely   Paul Sammataro  Plano, Texas
"I received the cookies. They are perfect and delicious! My family is enjoying this delicious treat...until the next time."   Lenore Finnin  Tempe, Arizona
"Your remarks on this one was hilarious! Thanks for the laughs. Oh, yes, also the recipes!" Sincerely,   Anna Marie Towry, USA
"Grazie mille. Adoro il vostro giornale. E le ricette! Grazie."   Mary Zisa, USA
"I really like your e-mails, they are a big asset for me. I make all my own dough, bread, pasta, etc. All of my cooking is from scratch."   John P., USA
"I wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I recommended your company to a colleague, Jodi Weidler, who just received her shipment. I also just ate one of the almond cookies. They really are spectacular (spettacolare), and she is extremely satisfied with them. I wanted to pass this along to you. Grazie molto!"   Rick P.  San Francisco, California
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