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"Se non č vero, č ben trovato." (Even if it's not true, it makes a good story.) Welcome to another recipe edition from Adriana's Italian Bakery!

This week's Italian recipes:
  -Bresaola Antipasto
  -Fave Fresche con Pancetta
  -Riso e Latte con Frutti di Bosco

Enjoy the recipes, the rest of your summer and the complimentary news article report from "Only In".

Enjoy the issue!

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 Cookie of the Week: Buccellati

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 Recipe: Bresaola Antipasto

Bresaola Antipasto


4 ounces Italian bresaola, sliced paper-thin
2 ounces Grana Padano cheese shards
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
Freshly ground black pepper


Arrange the bresaola slices, slightly overlapping, on a large serving platter.

Cover with the Grana Padano cheese shards.

Drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Season with black pepper. Serves 4.

 Recipe: Fave Fresche con Pancetta

Fave Fresche con Pancetta
Fresh Fava Beans with Pancetta


4 lbs. fresh fava beans
1 tbs. extra-virgin olive oil
1/4 lb. pancetta, diced
1 cup beef broth
1 onion, thinly sliced
1 celery stalk, sliced
2 tbs. parsley, chopped


Pod the fava beans (remove the skin if they are very big). Put the pancetta, the onion and the celery in a saucepan to sauté with the olive oil, stirring frequently. When the fat of the pancetta has melted, add the fava beans, moisten with hot broth and carry on cooking.

When the fava beans are completely done (about 20 minutes), add salt and pepper and sprinkle with chopped parsley.

That's it!

 Recipe: Riso e Latte con Frutti di Bosco

Riso e Latte con Frutti di Bosco
Creamy Rice with Forest Berry Fruit


2/3 cup (120 grams) riso originario (this is short grained, but not as prized as some others.)
Feel free to use other kinds of rice, but not parboiled
1 pint (500 ml) low fat milk
2 vanilla beans (if you must, use 1 teaspoon vanilla extract)
2 tablespoons acacia or similar delicate honey
1/3 cup plain low fat yogurt
6 ounces (150 grams) mixed forest berry fruit
A few thin strips of orange zest trimmed form an organically grown orange or lemon


Heat the milk in a nonstick pan with the vanilla beans, and when it comes to a boil add the rice. Cook, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes. Stir the honey into the rice, and then the yogurt, let the mixture cool, and chill it briefly in the refrigerator.

Look over the berry fruit set aside the prettiest examples of the various kinds (select at least a third of the fruit). Use the remaining fruit to line the bottoms of 4 high-sided serving bowls (transparent glass will make for a pretty presentation). Divide the rice mixture among the bowls (discard the vanilla beans when you find them), arrange the prettier fruit over it, decorate the cups with the citrus zest, and serve. Serves 4.

That's it!

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 Only In Italy!

"Only In Italy" is a daily news column that translates and reports on funny but true news items from legitimate Italian news resources in Italy. Each story is slapped with our wild, often ironic, and sometimes rather opinionated comments. And now, for your reading pleasure:

Mobster's Secret Passion Of Philosophy

Palermo - June 16 - Anyone who finds The Sopranos far-fetched, who thinks it impossible that gangsters could lead normal private lives while murdering and extorting, might care to reflect on the latest finding by anti-Mafia investigators in Palermo.

Shortly after 9am on Wednesday police discovered the lifeless body of Nicola Ingarao. The reputed leader of the Porta Nuova clan of Sicily's Cosa Nostra had been shot repeatedly in the chest.

Detectives found to their astonishment that Ingarao had been taking a university philosophy exam the day before he was murdered. He had sat at a desk in a room with dozens of other students as they grappled with the issues raised by the Italian idealist school. Pietro Di Giovanni, a professor at Palermo University, said Ingarao would have got an excellent result.

He described the thick-set mobster as having a courteous manner, adding that "like so many people who decide to go to university as mature students, he was very pro-active".

Ingarao's lawyer, Riccardo Russo, said he had been inspired to study after reading the Old Testament Book of Wisdom during a nine-year sentence at the Pagliarelli jail in Palermo. The gangster had enrolled in the course from prison and started classes soon after his release in February.

Anti-Mafia investigators believe that Ingarao was a key figure in a faction loyal to the jailed "boss of bosses" Bernardo Provenzano. They are concerned his assassination could spark a battle for supremacy.

Not that such questions were discussed between the university's most unusual student and those guiding his intellectual development. Professor Di Giovanni said Ingarao had said he owned a toy shop.

"I think, Porca Troja, therefore, I am!"

We're all here, no matter what we are; we're all searching for the truth like Nicola did and trying to make it through this world. Correct?

Albert Camus: "The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind."
The need for a convicted mobster to openly attend Sicilian college courses is the sign of a wacky mind.

Aristotle: "For example, justice is considered to mean equality, it does mean equality but equality for those who are equal, and not for all."
This is the response you will receive from Italian magistrates when you ask why a dangerous philosophical mobster is at school and not permanently behind bars.

Dr. Samuel Johnson: "We must either outlive our friends, you know, or our friends must outlive us; and I see no man that would hesitate about the choice."
Mafia members never know who the hell is going to outlive who (friends, family, a horse), you know, and no mobster will hesitate about whacking a fellow mobster that they are ordered to whack.

Edgar Allen Poe: "I don't suffer from insanity but enjoy every minute of it."
Nicola the mobster suffered from insanity but the Mafia made sure he would stop enjoying it.

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