Italian gourmet almond, fig, pistachio and sesame cookies baked and shipped from our bakery in Italy to you; all natural, fresh, and baked to order. Great Italian recipes!
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what many people are saying about Adriana's Gourmet Cookies!
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"Thanks so much and I have to say...GOD, I LOVE YOU GUYS, LOL...Have a Happy and when I can afford to finally visit my family's homeland I will be sure to come and get my cookies baked fresh, Lol..."   Susan C.  Vernon, New Jersey 
"I do want to tell you as I told Sal, the cookies were really delicious and my family and guests truly enjoyed them when I served them for the holidays! I will certainly consider future orders from your bakery and I also enjoyed my conversation with Sal. He seems like a very personable, friendly and interesting fellow! Best regards to you and your family for continued success with your bakery. A satisfied Italian-American customer,"   Alberto T.  Seven Hills, Ohio
"The cookies are the best. In the past I have ordered my cookies from New York but last year I ordered them from Adriana's and they were far better than New York."   Mary T.  Oklahoma City, OK
"Caro Leo, Buona sera e grazie mille per la sua e-mail. Si, ho ricevuto i biscotti per la Natale e tutte la mia famiglia le piacciono molto bene. Lei parla bene inglese. Mi dispiace ma non io parlo bene l'italiano. In questo momento io imparo perché mi piace molto l'Italia e tutto italiano. Amo la storia, la cultura, la gente ma soprattutto, il cibo! Ho visitato il nord (lago di como) tre volte. È molto bello e in il futuro io spero visitare Roma, Firenze, Venezia e anche altre città.

Anche in futuro vorrei acquistare più biscotti da 'cookie da Italia', perché mi piaceva molto molto. Cordiali Saluti,"  
Linda F.  Glasgow, Scotland, UK

"Hello Adriana! For the past couple of years my husband and I have sent an arrangement of cookies to our dear friends Alexandra and Tom Clancy. They LOVED your cookies so much. Alex informed me that they have decided to use for gifts to their friends and family also. I am happy that they are using your company because your products are so wonderful. Happy Holidays and we will be placing a few orders with you as well. Best Regards!"   Barbara Simonian P.  Manlius, New York
"We received them yesterday and they are WONDERFUL! Thank you so much! I am really glad I found your website...I'll pass it on!"   Kimm H.  Chicago, Illinois
"I want you to know I ordered cookies from you over 5 years ago for my son's wedding. They were delicious and thus my other son is getting married on the 5th of September. We had to carry on the tradition of you great cookies and thus the 2nd order. They will be used for the rehearsal dinner on Friday, September 4th. My dad was raised in Sicily and he stated they tasted like he was back home. I think that is the highest compliment you can get. He even said some were better than his mothers.

When I visit Sicily again, I would love to stop by your bakery and thank you in person for giving us a special memory, since my dad has passed away. Somehow the cookies will bring him back to us, if even for a little while. Grazie!"  
Angela Palazzolo M.  Goodrich, Michigan
"It was a very nice gesture to inquire about how my Aunt Louise Iorio enjoyed your cookies. Your cookies gave her great pleasure and brought back pleasant memories for her 90 th birthday. She loved the fact that they came directly from Italy. (We are of Italian descent.) However, my Aunt Louise passed away on April 5th. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to make her smile. Sincerely,"   Cathy S. Glendale, California
"Dear Adriana, I am just writing to let you know that my cookies have arrived, and they are lovely! Thank you very much. Best wishes!"   Emma R.  Kent, England
Gentile Signore Ciccarello,

Buon Giorno, e come sta?

Vorrei dirla che ho ricevuto I cookies ieri pomeriggio, mercoledi 19 Maggio. Ha ragione, i cookies sono buonissimi e unici, non abbiamo mai mangiato cookies cosi buoni, ed abbiamo provati tutti della scelta. Sono deliziosi veramente. Infatti,ho gia messo oggi un altro ordine!!! Anche il pacco era bellissimo ed impressionante. 
Ho una amica in America che  ama tanto i cookies di mandorle, e passero il suo website sicuramente, e anche ai amici a Malta a quelli che si interessano di comprare cookies di mandorle. Grazie mille ancora e un buon weekend. Ciao Ciao."   Anna G.  Attard, Malta
"I am half Sicilian and thrilled to have found your website. Grazie!"   Lisa R. USA
"Buon Giorno, Signor Leo! We had a great weekend. Thank you for asking. I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well. I have received both shipments of cookies and they are just fantastic. I put the Sesame cookies in the freezer as they are a birthday present and I will be presenting them to my aunt on June 28th. It's a real pleasure to do business with you. Kindest regards to all the family. Ciao-Ciao!"   Mary T.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"The recipes I get from this website are so good...and absolutely do-able! I even treat myself to an order now and then. Love waiting for this package to arrive!"   Annamay G. USA

"Yes, the cookies were a big hit - a gift to my Father. Thank you."   Darlene Marino L.  Valhalla, New York
"Hi, it looks like my brother received the cookie package, and he said they tasted good, so I'm glad they held up even with the time delay. Thanks for your continual assistance. Sincerely,"   Angela L.  Sunnyside, New York
"I am really happy that I came across this website. My husband's family is from Santo Stefano.  The Di Christofaro's. I can't wait to show this to our family. It is also very wonderful that you sell your beautiful cookies and also provide recipes as well. I have learned so much about cooking and baking from my husband and his family, I am hoping to make many of these recipes with them. Thank you for doing the wonderful things you are doing to keep the heritage of the country and hopefully teach people around the world to cook, bake and enjoy family, food and life!!!"   Kathryn C. East Amherst, New York
"Thank-you for sending these, love my newsletters from you!"   Paula, USA
"Dear Adriana...enjoy your recipes, thanks so much for sharing."   Maureen B.  USA
"Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes."   Aniello C.  USA
"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you that your cookies are outstanding. My wife is from Molfetta and she and her mom make excellent cookies. Yours are different as would be expected because of the difference in region, but I loved your cookies. I’ve been passing the word to my friends here in the states so they have been eating all of our cookies, expect another order from us soon. Thank you for an excellent quality product."   Joe and Maria A.  Hamilton Square, New Jersey
"We have ordered from you in the past, and had the cookies sent by air mail. As both ourselves and our friends love your cookies we were wondering if we can purchase direct from the factory. We will be in Sicily from the middle of next week for a couples of weeks and would love nothing more than to buy some of your wonderful cookies. Could you let us know if we can buy them from your bakery?"   Antonino N.  Cornwall, UK
"Thanks! I love your site, great recipes!"   Michele,  USA
"We received the cookies today, Saturday 1/19. Arrived safely and intact. Good packaging. Delizioso! Grazie!"   Phyllis A.  Cassel, California
"I love your newsletter and use many of your recipes. Thank you. My father is from Sicily so I do remember many of these dishes. I would like to ask if you have a recipe for your sesame cookies and also plain butter cookies. The apricot biscotti is just delicious and easy and so was the lemon pistachio. Thank you!"   Sue S.,  USA
"Love your newsletter with recipes and information, thanks."   Christine C.  Pleasanton, CA
"I really enjoy your website!"   Ginny D.,  USA

"Thank you!!! I love your recipes!"  
Toni B. USA
"For several months I've been trying to teach myself how to use the computer. I love to read your newsletters. I even once before sent you an email and did get a response from you. Thank You."   Mary F., USA

"Ciao Leo! I just wanted to let you know that I received the cookies yesterday...and please tell your sister that they are absolutely delicious!!! We love them!!! And we will surely be ordering more cookies!!! Don't worry I have no intentions of using my Amex gift card in Italy. But I think it's crazy that it is not recognized in Italy...afterall it is just like using cash, but I do appreciate you advising me. It is very sweet of you. Thanks again, and give Salvatore my regards and I am sure we will be corresponding again soon. Ciao, Ciao!"  
Josephine M.,  Staten Island, New York
"Dear Adriana, my parents, especially my mom, who recently had a mastectomy due breast cancer and was not up to making her usual homemade Italian cookies, found the order of cookies to be very well made. Thank you and Happy New Year!"   Melissa D.  Voorhees, New Jersey
"Wow!!! These treats were for my Grandmother who grew up in NY and loved Italian cookies. When she got them, she said it was so scrumptious. She really did say it was the best cookies she has ever tasted and trust me, she has experience. I thank you so much for coming through with this order for the Holidays. I have sent my entire family your website and you should see a few orders come from the San Diego area as well as NY/NJ. I will be in touch again soon!"   Jamie D.  Vista, California
"Buongiorno. I just wanted to compliment the delicious cookies I ordered. I miss the Italian taste in the cookies we buy here. I not only bought them for me but also as a gift for a very good friend of mine. Una delizia, grazie... Quando mangio i biscotti, penso di essere in sicilia."   Mary Z.  Lodi, New Jersey
"Dear Adriana, looking forward once again to your delicious cookies. They are always so delicious and get many thanks and compliments when they receive them. My husband still talks about your cookies I sent for his 70th birthday, and wanted to know if he is getting them for his 75th. Thanks again for such a special treat."   Millie L.  Beverly Hills, Florida
"Thank you so much for your reply to my question about the beans. And, yes, we have tried your delicious cookies and have also ordered them for gifts for friends. We are regular customers of your oregano and also use that for gifts. Ciao."   Karol H.  Malibu, California
"I had ordered your cookies in December-loved them AND your wonderful newsletter!"   Marian R.  Commack, NY
"Thanks for all your good recipes and information about what is going on in Italy. I thoroughly enjoy receiving these."   Lura P., USA
"Thank you very much... My husband is an Italian and I like the Italian Food."   Marta Cortez R.   USA
"Non credevo che era possibile ad ordinare dei dolci che erano cosi buoni via il Internet. Mi ricordo quando mamma e pappa gratugiavano le mandorle per fare dei dolci. Ora dopo tanti anni e possibile ad avere quei dolci di nuovo. Questo e il mio secondo ordine e tutti aspettano il loro arrivo. Grazie."   Maria A.  Hamilton Square, New Jersey
"I would like to get these on July 8th, My son's wedding is the following week...July 12th. The cookies I got this week were outstanding!!! So now I want all my family and friends to indulge in these wonderful cookies...well worth the cost... Better than ordering from New York bakeries... I was not disappointed my husband could not stop eating them..

Thank you for confirming my order I am waiting with baited breath for them. I have told anyone who I have spoke to about your cookies. They are excited to have them when they arrive for the wedding with a good cup of coffee. I also love the look when I put out the ones I ordered a month ago. Their eyes light up and say "OH MY GOD!" these are the best!

I have also enjoyed all the things on the website, and all the news from Italy, I hope to one day make a trip there and really enjoy the country. Ciao for now my friend."  
Michelle D.S.  Clemmons, North Carolina
"Thanks for all your wonderful mail and recipes. You are good people and please continue to send me your mail. Take care, God Bless you and your business. May you prosper thru Christ Jesus. Love and Blessings!"   Dee, USA
"Love your site and the recipes."   Phyllis B. USA
"Just a simple note to thank you for all the recipes. Just love them all. Regards!"   Maria F. USA
"Just a note of thanks for the articles on "Only in Italy". They always bring laughter - keep them coming."   Joanne USA
"I just wanted to say while my food is finishing, thanks for having such a useful website with inspirational recipes, when I don't need recipes.

I am 3/4 Sicilian blood and born the first generation to speak English natively in America (my nana and nanu fled under Mussolini and my American-born mother learned English as a second language). Americans who think the Olive Garden is authentic Italian make me want to scream (sugar in your tomato sauce?! I also think I'm the only person who actually pounds their releases the basil oils. Capisci?!)

When I come home from work, I'm often too tired to look at my refrigerator and come up with anything creative. I cook creatively: you never get the same meal twice. You're the only website that's creative enough and also authentic enough to inspire what I eventually come up with (I'm vegetarian, so I heavily substitute).
Thanks, AGAIN, for the fantastic inspiration, every time I'm too tired to cook. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I love you. Salut!!!"   Snarko,  USA
"I wanted to thank you for the great recipes.  I look forward to your recipes. I just wish I could be in Sicily with you. Tante tante grazie. Un suo amico dagli Stati Uniti."   Lendes, USA
"Ciao, I just wanted to let you know that my father was from Santo Stefano Quisquina... I am very proud to be the daughter of a native from there and a daughter from my mom, (Castellamare del golfo)...

I am ordering a few things...thanks for this wonderful website."  
Maria Giuseppina  USA
"Hi Signor Leo,

So good to hear from you. I am doing very well. "Come stai?" I'm so excited the cookies are in the mail. I'm getting them for my best friend's birthday. She loved the Sesame Cookies. I usually get some from New York... but yours are the BEST! Thank you so much. Ciao!"  
Mary T.  Oklahoma City, OK
"I just would like to compliment your company on the interesting and lovely recipes that we receive in your newsletter. I always look forward in receiving the newsletter. Just a  suggestion, would it be possible also to include the measurement/quantity in metric? Many thanks and all the very best for 2009."   Mena R. UK
"Dear bakery, I ordered cookies to be sent to my son in Kuwait (he's in the Air Force). You sent me an e-mail that you usually didn't send to APO addresses, but if I still wanted you to you would. Well, I did and you sent them and he was thrilled. He said they were awesome!!! Thank you for doing such a generous thing for me and my son."   Jo D.  Maumelle, Arizona
"Buon Giorno Leo, I wanted to write you and let you know how much we enjoyed the cookies we ordered. They were delicious and so fresh! We will definitely be ordering cookies for our daughters wedding in August. (Aug. 13) When do you think we should put the order in for the cookies? We will probably be ordering 2-3 trays.

I look forward to hearing from the mean time we are enjoying the delicious cookies. My Mom in NY even placed an order for Easter! Grazie!"  
Debbie M.  Charlotte, North Carolina
"Thank you so much for the email. The cookies were fantastic!!! My fiance's grandmother used to make the cookies for him when growing up and he said they were great and reminded him of the lovely memories with her. Thank you again and will be ordering soon... Take care and look forward to your emails. Ciao ciao!"   Cheryl E.  Virginia Beach, Virginia
"Thank you for your note. I received the cookies yesterday afternoon. I could not wait to try them. I tried the Sesame Seed Cookies first and they were wonderful! Thank you so much. I will be using the others for Sunday dinner with my children and grandchildren. Let me ask...if I want to get cookies for the Christmas Holiday when should I order them from you? Thank you again. Kindest regards!"   Mary T.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"Your cookies were very important to our family over the holiday season. With the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, it was very important to us to save one tradition. We have always had cookies at Christmas but there are no local Italian bakeries anymore here in the New Orleans area. Thank you for helping us to surprise everyone else in the family with Italian cookies."   Claudette S.  New Orleans, Louisiana
"Sweet Italian Casserole - WOW!!! What wonderful flavor. My whole family loved it. Easy to make and what a fantastic way to get kids to eat their veggies. Thanks for sharing."   Patricia M.,  USA
"I absolutely love this newsletter. I have either printed out or saved ALL of them. I look forward to them religiously! THANK YOU!!!"   Mini, USA
"I have purchased your delicious...and your oregano...won't make sauce without it."   Gloria R.  Tampa, Florida
"Yea, on Friday the 29th is fine. I am dying for these cookies. I ordered them before and ADORE them. No Italian bakeries even make them in Jersey. They do in Boston, Mass, but it is only a little cheaper than ordering them from your company and no one and I do mean no one matches the taste and quality of yours. I LOVE 'EM. I am still on your website quoting how much I do!"   Susan C.  Vernon, New Jersey
"I order these cookies for my boss each year and he and his family just love them! Thank you again!"   Teresa A.  San Jose, California
"Thank you for all the wonderful news letters, my family and I enjoy the delicious recipes."   Bill, USA
"Ciao Adriana! Grazie for all the wonderful recipes! Fabulous! Yum! Have a great day!"   Peggy Sanders,  USA
"Thank you very much, I'm very happy because you always send me all these beautiful and delicious recipes. Again, thank you very much."   Marta Cortez R.  USA
"Dear Adriana, thank you so much for your great emails. I enjoy reading all your great recipes! Yours truly,"   Aniello Coticelli, USA
"You are the best cook! I love and appreciate all your lovely creations! Blessings!"   Peggy S.  USA
"Hi Adriana, you haven't forgotten me! I just had the need to thank you for remembering me. Love ya."   Rita P.  USA
"We do love your cookies and almonds. They are great! We are looking forward to receiving our new order. Best wishes!"   Josephine A.  Winter Park, FL
"Grazie per il suo messaggio and mille graze per i suoi ricetti - sono eccelente! Ti sono molto grato! Io parlo solo un poco Italiano (e non parru Sicilianu)! Io sto imparando...lentemente!"   Arthur M.  USA

"Love your cookie recipes and news...the feeling of my heritage! Why did my parents come to America? Must be that everyone is a comedian."   Sandor, USA
"Thanks Adriana, I love reading the recipes...some times I even try a few out! Hope you are doing ok... I miss seeing you guys! I'll get there for breakfast sooner or later! Have a nice weekend."   Cindy,  USA
"Signore Pedrazzoli loved the cookies so, you will hear from me again this year."   Olga A.  Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
"Ciao Leo, Thank you so much for your kind letter. When I ordered them (Buccellati) in January they were so good I didn't share them. This time I wanted to have my mother and father try them. It would make a great Christmas gift! My fathers family came from Palermo so this means a lot to me to give him something to remember. Thank you again and I will continue to be a long time customer!"   Cheryl C.  Stoughton, WI
"Thank you for responding. Mr. Granato recieved his cookies today and he was very happy!!! Thank you so much for helping bring joy to this fine man. Sincerely,"   Bill M.  Pleasanton, TX
"Ciao to all! I had to write to say, everyone at my daughter's wedding enjoyed the cookies. They were very impressed at the quality of them. Thank you for such a wonderful service, and we would like to say we will recommend your cookies to all of our friends. Grazie!"   Karen and Antonino N.  Cornwall, England
"I absolutely love your web site!!! It is not only delicious but, charming. I'm soooooooo happy that I happened upon it. Thank you for sharing."   Lisa, USA
"Have you ever thought of opening a store in the US? If so Washington, DC needs a good Italian bakery for cookies, being Italian, one can not find any. I have ordered from you in the past and love your cookies. I would like work with you if you think of a store in the US."   Paul C.  Washington, DC
"Thank you for your gracious note about the order I placed for my nephew's engagement party last November. Hopefully you'll find a picture attached and you'll see the cookies on the left side of the dessert table (which by the way is my Grandmother's table, 1930's). The cookies were the first to go...everyone enjoyed them so much. I want to thank you again for helping me out with such prompt delivery! I most definitely will order again...and if I can, I'll send you a wedding picture as it turned out, the wedding was also at my house!"   Marianne D.P  Mesa, Arizona
"Hi-I just found the new "Print Friendly " on the page. It is so great to be able to print the recipe that I wanted to keep without printing the complete e-mail. I enjoy getting and trying them as well as having a great time reading "Only in Italy". Thanks again for your e-mail."  Ellen Palmisano, USA
"I am just writing to tell you how much all of my family liked your cookies. I had ordered the Party Assortment Tray just prior to Christmas and received it in plenty of time. It was beautifully wrapped in red foil wrapping and tied at the top, which I thought added such a nice touch as someone had taken the extra time to do this.
I loved all the cookies but my favourites were the almond ones – one was a round white cookie with almond filling and the other was also round and had pieces of almonds on the outside. They were delicious!
I have been meaning to write for weeks but have only just managed to get round to it as I’ve been so busy with being back at work etc. I just wanted you to know how much we all loved your cookies – they didn’t last long as they were all eaten very quickly!
Attualmente, imparo l’italiano ma non parlo bene. Parlo soltanto un po’. Mi piace molto l’Italia e tutto italiano – È un molto bel paese! Amo la storia, la cultura, la gente ma sopratutto il cibo! Tanti saluti,"   Linda F.  Glasgow, Scotland, UK
"I just love to get your emails and those lovely recipes."   Kerrie Melchior, USA
"Just received my cookies today and I just wanted you to know how much I loved them. If I didn't know better I would think my grandmother had just baked them. You have brought me back a little piece of my childhood."   Carole B.  Los Banos, California
"My family did enjoy the cookies very much...I may order some for myself as I live in Amerca. Sincerely,"   Marina C.  Houston, Texas

"Grazie, grazie, grazie! I cannot believe how quickly you were able to send an answer for my question!

I am familiar with fennel, and I do enjoy it in its fresh state. I had no idea it is also used as a dried vegetable, and I am amazed, since I have been cooking for more than 30 years, and I have never seen it as such in a recipe! I will be sure to try this recipe now!

And I will definitely order some of your company's cookies, for my family to enjoy in the coming Christmas season. Thank you for your excellent email newsletter. I enjoy it and then I forward it to my 89-year old father, who then enjoys it, too! Grazie tanto and buona salute!"  
Elaine W.  USA
"Thank you so much for this sesame seed biscotti recipe. I feel really privileged that you would give your great recipes out. I cannot wait to make them for my 82-year-old Sicilian Dad. Have a great holiday and thank you again."   Sue S.,  USA
"We did enjoy your cookies very much. Thank you. My parents travel to Messina for two months every summer so normally they bring us back cookies and pastries. I look forward to ordering from you at the holidays. Have an enjoyable summer. Regards."   Bart B.  Braintree, Massachusetts
"Loved them and will be ordering again!"   Peter L.  Chino, California
"Thanks a lot for all the recipes you have given us..."   Marta Cortez R. USA
"Dear Leo, Yes, they arrived on time (miracle for Sicily) and were very good. I wish you and everyone at the bakery my best regards. Keep up the good work... P.S. I leave for Italy next week, I can't wait..."   Nancy C.  Elk Grove Village, Illinois
"Buon Giorno! I and my family have enjoyed your cookies and I have just made another order for some more. We are enjoying the summer, and will await my recent order to arrive. Our best regards back to all. Ciao-Ciao!"   Sally B. Waxhaw, N.C.
"The cookies were delicious! And they arrived on time and in good shape. I will order more in November."   Janet L.  Tucson, Arizona
"Thank you ever so much for all your great recipes and news. I enjoy each and every newsletter. I am Italian so I really appreciate foods of my heritage. Keep up the good work. Ciao!"   Maria Anna La Sala, USA
"Grazie...Molti ringraziamenti per il vostro aiuto (I hope that is right). My family has recently discovered our relatives in Bellona, Italy -- right outside of Naples. Hopefully one day, I will visit to the county we came from and get to tour your bakery. We always enjoy your cookies. Thank you again, all the best, be well. Ciao-Ciao!"   Jack V.  Orlando, Florida
"Ciao Signore Ciccarello! The cookies arrived today and brought a lot of joy to Signora Tippett. She couldn't believe it and I am thankful that your company is able to bring a little taste of Italy to America. Thanks and Merry Christmas!"   Bill M.  Fremont, California
"The order arrived today and the cookies are delicious. Thanks for your prompt response. Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo."   Diana W.  Clearwater, Florida
"The cookie tray arrived arrived in great condition and was given to a Italian food connaisseur who raved about the cookies. Thanks again and next time I'll order some for myself!"   Christine M.  Peculiar, Missouri
"Signore Ciccarello, thank you so very much for taking the time to find this recipe for me. I appreciate it so very much. I absolutely love your website and the recipes. I have tried many of them and they are wonderful. And once I stop my perpetual diet I will definitely purchase your cookies. I am impressed with the very high quality of your cookies. Thanks again for your help."   Maria A.  USA
"Thank you so much for the quick response. My parents received the cookies today. They said that the cookies are very good and that they arrived in great condition. I will definitely be ordering again from your bakery. Thank you and Happy New Year!!!"   Brigitte S.  Orchard Park, New York
"Is Grazie thank you in Italian? Hope so. I received the cookies yesterday. They are DELICIOUS!"   Jim and Peggy A.  Brighton, MI
"Hello Adriana, I very much enjoy your newsletter and the wonderful recipes. Thank you."   Teresa Ardizzone, USA
"Buon Giorno Leo! Thank you! Thank you! The Italian Cookies arrived today and just in time for a special party. Everything is perfect. Ciao!"   Helen D.M.  Reno, Nevada
"Ciao Adriana, I am back for your wonderful cookies! Your Buccellati cookies, I am hooked on. I also want to thank you for your e-mails of recipes. I have tried many and they are also wonderful and some very easy to make. Thank you!"   Cheryl C.  Stoughton, WI
"Ciao - the package of Adriana cookies I order about 10 days ago just arrived. I already ate two of my favorite fig cookies and will have the sesame biscotti for dinner tonight. I just wanted you to know how happy I am with the order. Arrivederci!"   Jackie K.  Green Bay, Wisconsin
"Ciao Adriana, I am back for your wonderful cookies! Your Buccellati cookies, I am hooked on. I also want to thank you for your e-mails of recipes. I have tried many and they are also wonderful and some very easy to make. Thank you!"   Cheryl C.  Stoughton, WI
"Love your recipes! (Also love the sayings in Italian.)"   Karol H.  Malibu, California
"Thanks so much! I really enjoy your newsletter and recipes! I've shared your website with many people in town and they are also enjoying it. It's a great service!"   Lura P., USA
"Buon Giorno, Leo! The cookies arrived today, and they are 'perfecto'. This is a Mother's Day gift for my 92 year old Momma who lives with me. When the package arrived, I noticed that you are located in Agrigento. This is a very small world, as my grandmother came from Bivona, Agrigento over 100 years ago. Are you located near Bivona. 

I was in Agrigento 5 years ago, and it was just as beautiful and my Grandmother described. I'm hoping to return to beautiful Sicily in the future. Thanks for the wonderful cookies. Ciao!"  
Christine C.  Pleasanton, CA
"Dear Leo, I was visiting my cousin Toni last to celebrate her birthday. Instead of American birthday cake we had the cookies which I sent her for her birthday! Finally, I got to taste them since she and my cousin Christine have been raving about them. They were delicious. Thank you for making her birthday special.

I want to pace a order for myself but will do this once you return from your holidays. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Warmest regards!"  
Lyn C.  Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

"Dear Signor Leo Ciccarello, we are enjoying our weekend very very much and the cookies I ordered are so so delicious beyond words, they cannot be described one has to taste them. We are truly enjoying them to the fullest. Many thanks again to everyone at the bakery that made it possible for our order to arrive in perfect condition and so delicious. Ciao-Ciao!"   Millie L.  Beverly Hills, Florida
"I am writing just to let you know that the cookies finally arrived today (30th Dec) and I'm very happy that they have. As always, they were wrapped beautifully and the fact that they were also wrapped in a tartan style gift wrap added an extra special touch."   Linda F.  Glasgow, Scotland
"Buon Giorno Leo! How nice to hear from you my paisano from so far away! (I am 100% SICILIAN!) Unfortunately, my parents did not teach my sister and I the Sicilian language. However, we do know a few words...(some good, some not so good!) :-)

I pray this finds you well and doing great...summer has been very, very HOT here and we are looking forward to FALL. God bless you for the wonderful products you offer us AUTHENTIC ITALIANS who long for the 'OLD COUNTRY', OUR ROOTS, AND WHERE ARE HEARTS WILL ALWAYS BE... Ciao! Ciao!"  
Frank A.  Antioch, California
I regularly receive your newsletters and also those from 'Oregano from Italy' and 'Only in Italy' which I have to say, makes me laugh out loud when I read some of the stories in it. I am also a subscriber to a very popular magazine called 'Italia' which is all about Italy, the people, the culture, the food, the wine and for those able to afford a holiday home, the property. I buy this magazine simply because I love everything about Italy.
I have only visited three times so far but I hope to make many more visits in the future. The magazine staff like to hear comments and suggestions from their subscribers, so I recently wrote to them and told them all about the 'Cookies from Italy' website and your delicious cookies so I hope that by doing that, you get some extra business coming your way from some more of their readers.

I have already eaten two cookies today with my afternoon coffee and look forward to eating lots more, along with the rest of my family of course! Kindest Regards and All the Best for 2009!"  
Linda F. Glasgow, Scotland, UK  
Dear Salvatore and Adriana, I just received the cookies and once again they are perfect. My Mom will be delighted to see your wonderful cookies again. Thanks so much for having your website for my family to enjoy our heritage. We are four generations enjoying your cookies from age 92 down to 11 years old. I will surely share with my friends as they truly enjoyed your cookies from my last order. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Ciao-Ciao e grazie!   Christine C.  Pleasanton, CA

"Buon Giorno Signor Leo! I must say you just made my day and I am so happy. The cookies I ordered just arrived by the postman. I do appreciate your hard work to get them out to me on time for my dear husband's birthday. Thank you again so very much. Ciao-Ciao!"  
Millie L.  Beverly Hills, Florida
"Good Afternoon Leo, I just wanted to let you know that I received all three boxes. Thank you so much. I know everything will be great! Your cookies are the best. Hope all is well with you and your family. I’ll be ordering again probably in November for Christmas. Have a great afternoon. Kindest regards!"   Mary T.  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"Just received my shipment of cookies...packed so well and nestled in their boxes, they came in great shape and I cannot wait to try them...thank you for allowing me to order these delicacies on line...just returned from Tuscany two weeks ago and your cookies brought back many happy memories..."   Theresa M.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"We love your cookies and my friends and clients enjoy receiving them. Have a very Buon Natale and best wishes for the New Year!"   Laura C. Manhasset, New York

"Thank you so much for getting back to me. Your baking operation sounds so great you start with fresh ingredients and that makes all the difference. I really love them...I will be happy when Christmas is over. It makes some Americans here so rude, and nasty. Oh well, wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy 2011! I can't wait to dive into these cookies! ;) Your loyal customer,"  
Kim K.  Conyers, Georgia

"Once again, thank you for being so courteous and my family and I look forward to receiving the cookies. My husband is especially fond of the sesame ones - reminds him of his childhood! I extend my warmest regards and my very best wishes for a blessed and holy Christmas and the happiest of new years! Un caro saluto!"  
Crocetta C.  Mississauga, Ontario

"Buon Natale e un nuovo anno molto felice. My mom is looking forward to tasting your cookies (me too!). You make me feel very comfortable in dealing with your company. Thanks for that 'sensibilità speciale'. Maybe I'll get a chance to visit you sometime soon. Meanwhile, all the best to you and your family and your company."  
Ed M.  Catlett, Virginia

"Grazie mille. I enjoyed your cookies many years ago when my sister-in-law sent them to me and so I know my father will also enjoy them this year!"  
Sam C.  Bellevue, Washington

"Ciao Adriana! I love your site and I enjoy your newsletter. Grazie tanto!"  
Adriana B., USA

"Dear Adriana, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy "Cookies From Italy" Newsletter The recipes are wonderful! The newsletter is full of fun info! You do a great job with it!!! Thanks a bunch for including me on your e-mail list! Take lots of care. Ciao,"   Cheryl M., USA

"Your recipe "Polpette di Uova" is very similar to a dish my father used to make for us. He called it Frogia (not sure how you would spell it). It consisted of eggs, grated romano cheese, bread crumbs, cooked cauliflower, salt and pepper. He made into little patties and fried them. Our family came from Aragona. Thanks for the recipes."   Mary K. Amato H.  Winchester, Virginia

Polpetti di Uova. My mother used to make this. The recipe sounds like what she used to do. I wish I had her original recipe, but this sounds like hers. I will make it soon, thanks for reminding me of it. I assume its Sicilian cause that's what my mother was and she was the best cook. Keep sending these great recipes."   Annette  USA
"Thank you for your posts; Your posts are always welcome. I am recovering from a triple bypass heart surgery and not able to buy anything now but please keep me on you list and I appreciate your posts. If I can't buy I like to see what is offered. My father came here from Sicily and I am 75 yrs old now so your posts are welcome and I like everything you got there but I don't have the money to buy now. My very best regards!"   Niko, USA
"Hi, just recieved your delicious cookies a few days ago, loved them! They were beautifully packaged, what a great gift that would make. Served them to my company last night and they wanted your website so that they could place an order as well. Thank you, will refer you again and again.   Marilyn A.  Jamaica Estates, New York
"Thank you very much, really enjoy the newsletter!"   Joe Magliocco, USA
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