Italian gourmet almond, fig, pistachio and sesame cookies baked and shipped from our bakery in Italy to you; all natural, fresh, and baked to order. Great Italian recipes!
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"Not only are you efficient, you are most gracious. I have been to Italy many times and to Agrigento once. Often I lead groups of Americans from Baltimore. Maybe the next time we head in your direction, we can visit your bakery. You can be certain that I will be a frequent customer and recommend you to all my Italo-American friends."   Andrew Ciofalo  White Hall, Maryland 
"Thanks Leo for all your help. I am placing my order for the traditional and almond/pistachio cookies now. It is wonderful to be able to get the wonderful delights we so enjoy when we come to Italy/Sicily. Besides being delicious it keeps a part of our heritage in our home. Many thanks for all your help. Ciao-Ciao!"   Mary Lou Muthig  Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
"The cookies I ordered on 11 July 2001 arrived today. My wife and I immediately feasted on them. Very delicious. You can expect additional orders. Thank You!"   Vincent Rigoni  Napa, California
"I just received my biscotti... They arrived California July 26, 2001 at 10:00 AM. They taste extremely fresh and I am very happy. I have been making all the delivery men that come to my office taste your wonderful cookies. Your cookies remind me of my Grandmother, she has passed on but she use to bring the Sicilian tradition to our family. Her family was located near San Vito del Capo. Thank you for your wonderful offer to tour your area. I plan to go to Palermo in December of this year (I always try to go for Natale). If I am able to make my trip I will ask Daniele Colletti if we can go to Agrigento and visit you. Our paths may have crossed because I am a crazy American in love with Sicily or... you never know when a business opportunity will present itself. Until we meet, or until I must have more of your fabulous biscotti. Respectfully yours,"   Lisa Marlo Molinari  Orinda, California
"Buon Giorno Leo, I just had to write and tell you how much we loved the traditional cookies. They were a pleasant surprise because I've never ordered cookies before. They were fresh and delicious. Not to mention how wonderfully they were packaged to avoid breakage. I can't thank you enough for all your help and I will definitely be ordering more and so will my relatives. We spent Sunday at a wine tasting event and the cookies came with us. Together, wine and cookies, brought back fond memories of our visits to Sicily. Thanks again for all your help. Ciao-Ciao !!"   Mary Lou Muthig  Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
"Thank you for the wonderful cookies. They arrived quickly and were fresh and delicious. I live in northern Minnesota on the Ojibwe Indian reservation. The day I received the cookies, I was on my way to a policy council meeting where I shared your cookies with my Native American friends. They were delighted. Thank you again for the yummy treat! Best regards,"   Kiki Webb,   USA
"I ordered your cookies while searching for an Italian cookie recipe on the internet to take to a Slow Food Party. Your cookies looked and sounded delicious and so I ordered them. They far exceeded my expectations. They are absolutely orgasm tic! I will order again from you Adriana. Thank you for offering such a high quality product that you obviously take pride in making."   Dawn Klempf  Atlanta, Georgia
"Buon Giorno da New Jersey! My son and I enjoyed the cookies very much and I intend to order more cookies for my parents 68th wedding anniversary. I am sure my father especially will enjoy them as his mother was from Bivona in Agrigento. Do you know the town and are you close to it? The cookies arrived in perfect condition and I was surprised at how quickly they were delivered. You have a wonderful service and I will recommend you to all my friends. Ciao."   Albert Martini  Basking Ridge, New Jersey
"My biscuits did arrive on Friday afternoon and it only took three days for three of us to eat all of them! I tried to ration them but as soon as my back was turned the dwindling supplies were raided. One box was for my daughter's birthday but after the first box was opened and tasted the second box had little chance of being kept. There were four left yesterday which I gave to a friend with his coffee - I thought he would just take one but ate the lot! I have given him your website address. I was not popular with the family when they found out what happened to the remaining four. I will be placing an order with you but only when we have worked off these last two kgs! Please send my appreciation on to all the people who made the biscuits and tell them their talents were well received at our house, we did actually toast them with a small glass of wine. With kindest regards,"   Maria  Rotherham, S Yorks, United Kingdom
"Thank you so much. The cookies arrived a couple of days before  my parents anniversary and they enjoyed them so much. They especially get a kick out of the fact that the cookies come from Sicily and arrive so fresh and delicious. My mother's parents were originally from Sambuca in Agrigento and they came to the U.S. around 1905. I checked a map and Sambuca is not far from where you are located. This weekend we are meeting with several friends that belong to an Italian club and I will tell them about your website. One of the women that teaches Italian is originally from Agrigento and she will especially be interested. Thanks again and good luck with your business. God Bless America!"   Phil Franco  Holland, Pennsylvania
"I wanted to let you know that your cookies were received yesterday, and as we speak are being enjoyed by my family. They are delicious. How far in advance do I need to place and order for Christmas? Thank you again. Stay safe and God Bless".   Barbara Manzo  Clermont, Florida
"I just received my order today (10/11/01). Everything arrived in perfect condition and they taste as wonderful as I remembered. I gave my Postal Carrier a small bag of cookies to eat though out his work day. I think that our delivery people love to deliver items to me, because I always share whatever wonderful treasures that I receive. Thank you again."   Lisa Molinari  Orinda, California
"I received the fig cookies. They were very good and the entire family enjoyed them. Since that time, fortunately, I found my Grandmother's recipe and have purchased the figs to make my own. That will have to wait, as April 5th thru 19th, my brother and wife, my single brother, husband and I are making our first visit to Italy/Sicily. We plan to seek out the birthplace of our paternal grandparents; Trapani & Corleone, visit Marzi, Cefalu and several other cities, spending Easter in Sorrento. We are SO excited! Grazie, ciao!"   Jackie V.  Appleton, Wisconsin
"Adriana: The cookies arrived and they are delicious! Pino and I enjoyed them and we are sharing them with Mimi and Nancy and family! Thanks so much! Hello to your mom and dad from all of us here in America!"   Judy Jackman  Middletown, New York
"Buon Giorno! I just wanted to tell you the cookies were wonderful! I was really looking forward to them and was not disappointed. My family and I have enjoyed them so much and I look forward to ordering more in the future. Thank You"   Roseanne Theobald  Houston, Texas
"There are times that I wish I could be in your kitchen with you. I was working in our local Rochester, NY Italian bakery when I was 12, and now through the grace of God, I am 76 and wish I could go and do the things I use to.

Anyway, I just want to encourage you that when things are difficult, as I am sure with all your services, just know that God is with you. It is His food you are making for us. You are great, and if I will say, I feel like part of the Famiglia. Love and Blessings!"  
Dolores W., USA
"I am sorry that you did not receive my thank you email that was sent right after we received the goodies. We loved them very much. Will you have other items for the holidays? Will you have Italian cheesecake and such? Thank you again, and stay safe."   Barbara Manzo  Clermont, Florida
"Absolutely! In fact, I took them to my office and they disappeared almost immediately. One of our clients is from Naples, so when he stopped in that day and sampled some of the cookies he was instantly transported to his homeland. I placed another order which I just received today -- the almond and pistachio cookies and an almond cake. I'll let you know how we like them after I get the box open! I also sent some cookies to friends after they married and got a beautiful thank you note for such a special gift. Thanks again for such careful shipping and such wonderful cookies."   Jean Feller  Portland, Oregon
"Caro Signor Ciccarello, I wanted to write to assure you that the wonderful cookies indeed arrived here safely. They were delicious! Thank you... I'm sure we will be ordering more. Mille grazie a lei per il sapore della patria."   Andrew McQuery,  USA
"Thank you very much for your quick response to my concern regarding Signor Libero Buron's shipment. We are pleased to inform you that Sr.Buroni's family phoned me to say that they received the cookies and were delighted. They praised the cookies and were very satisfied. Thank you! Best regards"   Tom Carbonaro  Hempstead, New York
"Buon Giorno! Thank you for your recent letter. Yes, our cookies did arrive safe and sound. I am from New York City, but have been away for 20 years now. When I found your website, I was so excited, because they looked like the type of cookies I have been craving for years. I, my family and friends thoroughly enjoyed them. They were delicious. Also, your prices are very reasonable compared to anything that we can find in the United States. That's why I placed another order for your Sicilian Orange cookies, Italian Almond Cups and your peeled almonds. I placed the order about 12 days ago and am anxiously awaiting its arrival."   Lauren Roper  Desert Hot Springs, California
"The cookies are fantastic. So much like I remembered as a child, (I am a second generation Italian-American, both maternal and fraternal grandparents born in Italy). Thank you so much for bringing back such wonderful memories."   Diane B. Benner  High Point, North Carolina
"Thank you for following up with me. I should have written to you sooner to advise that your cookies are absolutely delicious! They arrived so nicely wrapped, too. I asked my friends to sample them at a dinner party and they were very impressed. I also froze some of them, and am taking them to Niagara Falls in November for my mother to sample over the Thanksgiving holiday. I told her that these are the cookies I'll be ordering for my wedding next September. In fact, I liked them so much, I'm going to go to your web site now and order some of the new pistachio ones. Pistachio is my favorite, so I want to be sure to sample those, as well. I'll also be ordering some for Christmas. Thanks again!"   Angela Rueter  Plano, Texas
"I can't thank you enough for the wonderful cookies. They were MARVELOUS!!! I had purchased them for my dear Italian friend for his birthday, and in one afternoon he finished the entire box!  He says they are the BEST that he has ever had. Your passion for baking and the quality ingredients you used really shine through in the final product. I think I know what to get him for Christmas! Thanks again to the entire staff at Adriana's! You'll be hearing from me again soon with more orders!"   Wendy Bell  Billings, Montana
"I ordered your cookies as a surprise for my husband, whose family are from Naro in Agrigento, and was thrilled when I saw the look on his face when the boxes arrived and he saw the Italian postage stamps. Ralph opened the boxes with great anticipation and was thrilled with the aroma and taste of the cookies. We live in Virginia, which is devoid of most things authentically Italian, and you have given us a true taste of Sicily. We will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much for producing such delicious cookies".   Maria Galliano  Vienna, Virginia
"Thank you for your immediate response to my dilemma. You run your company in a very professional manner, yet with a friendly flair, which I appreciate very much. The almond cups finally arrived this morning! I noticed the package had been opened and resealed by U.S. customs, so I guess that was the hold up. I tasted the cookies and you were right; they are not stale. In fact, they are one of the most delicious cookies I've ever tasted! Now I want to order some for a friend whose anniversary is Nov. 18. I will order them today and hope for the best. Thank you again for your concern regarding my recent order. Ciao, ciao!"   Lauren Roper  Desert Hot Springs, California
"The cookies were a gift for my boss for bosses day. He loved them. The new pistachio cookies are especially good. Thank you for your excellent service".   Nancy Villard  Pompano Beach, Florida
"Ciao - Once again I have placed my order to arrive just before our Thanksgiving Holiday. Judging from my past orders, I know I will not be disappointed and that my guests will love them as much as I do. All my best to you Adriana and all your staff that keep us very happy here in America and around the world with your wonderful products".   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"Adriana, You have outdone yourself with your almond-pistachio cookies! They were so soft and fresh when they arrived here in Florida. They tasted like they were just out of the oven. Oh the taste! You married my two favorite flavors in the world into a cookie like I've never tasted before. I confess I ate five in a row before I could stop. Thanks for all you do".   Patti Greenwood  Gainesville, Florida
"The cookies and torta were enjoyed immensely by each and every person who had the privilege of tasting! I love bringing your cookies to my friends and my office (and sharing with my family!). Thank you so much for the care and concern you have for your products. You are a special company. We will definitely be ordering more cookies and tortas in the future. We always laugh at the card enclosed which recommends eating the cookies by a specific date for best taste -- they NEVER last that long!"   Jean Feller  Portland, Oregon
"Every one at the party enjoyed the almond cookies. There were several Italian Americans at the party and they said that the cookies reminded them of what they had on cookie trays many years ago at weddings. My wife reminded me that when we got married her mom insisted that we have a cookie tray on each table."   Phil Franco  Holland, Pennsylvania
"We loved both of the cookies. They were a huge hit at my holiday party. I know I will order them again in the future. Thanks."   RuthAnn N.  Metairie, Louisiana
"Hello from Maryland USA! We did indeed receive the cookies and promptly ate every little morsel! They were DELICIOUS! Just like my Nonna's! We will order again but need to save a little for the shipping costs!!! My Nonna even wants us to order for her! Thanks!"   Diane K.  Frederick, Maryland
"Hello, I just wanted to compliment you on my last cookie order. There was a problem with my credit card info, and Leo did a fabulous job to resolve the issue. The recipients of the cookies were also delighted and couldn't stop telling us how delicious they were. They said the cookies were still warm when they received them. Since your cookies sound so irresistible, I have decided to order some for my parents for Thanksgiving. Thank you for being so wonderful!"   Jennifer Colafella  Cambridge, Massachusetts
"Adriana - The two packages arrived today. I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving and as I write this email I am munching on a Fig Cookie!!! Thank you for these great treat's from "La Bella Isola" I must end this quickly as I want to go for another fig cookie!"   Joe Summers  South Dennis, Massachusetts
"I did receive the cookies  today! Thank You! They are delicious and I am saving them for our celebration for our Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday. My brother will be so surprised that they are right from Italy. My father's family came from Benevento Italy in the early 1900's and we still love the Italian foods!"   Patty Ferguson  Liverpool, New York
"The fig cookies arrived today just in time for Thanksgiving with the family. They are delicious. Thank you"   Eugenio Bonina  Boca Raton, Florida
"Hello Leo, I am still enjoying your almond and pistachio cookies! I froze some, three to a package, so they would last longer. They are the most awesome cookies with my two favorite flavors combined into one delicious cookie. I wrote to Adriana a while back and told her how much I love them. The only problem was I couldn't stop eating them and had to freeze some to control myself! Thanks for writing."   Patti Greenwood  Gainesville, Florida
"I cannot tell you in words how delicious your cookies are. My mother died 60 years ago and this took me back to 10 years old. I will continue to order from you. Your bakery is No 1."   Alexandria Pike  Bryan, Ohio
"You make the best cookies in the world! Thank you so much for a shipment which exceeds all expectations! Your packaging is first rate. The boxes are well sealed and clearly identified on the outside. Inside the cookies are so nicely and securely packaged that it is a very pleasant surprise to open the boxes. The cards showing the date when the cookies were made and the date by which they should be consumed is a very nice touch as well. My own mother could not have sent me a nicer box of homemade cookies! My above order was placed on November, 22 and the cookies were received here on November 28 - or, within only 6 days. I hope you sell a lot of cookies and become rich doing so! You deserve it! My wife and I wish you much success and a very merry Christmas to each and everyone of your staff!"  Sincerely,   William Christgau  Monsey, New York
"Dear Adriana: I enjoy your cookies immensely and have recently gave them away as gifts. I have just returned from Sicily. Rather than bring back gifts I had your cookies sent to me and then gave them out as gifts."  Geri Cicero  Beechurst, New York
"First I have to tell you how much my cousins and I enjoyed your pistachios/almond cookies. After visiting Taromina several years ago we fell in love with these cookies and it's nice to know we can now get them from you. Mille Grazia for all your help and for the wonderful cookies. It's so nice to be able to get a taste of Italy right in our homes."    Mary Lou Muthig  Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
"We all loved the cookies! They were absolutely delicious. I have already ordered for Christmas. Happy Holidays to you too."   Kathy Eichelroth  Uxbridge, Massachusetts
"I just wanted to thank you for answering my recent email so quickly. It's wonderful to do business with a company that puts their clients concerns first and foremost. I am placing my cookie order now and my family and I thank you for this wonderful holiday treat. Mille grazie and Buon Natale to you and your family. Ciao-Ciao"   Mary Lou Muthig  Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania
"GOT THEM! I received my cookies Friday Morning safe and sound. Wow! Excellent! I will tell all my friends these cookies are great and that doing business with you is a pleasure. I'll be placing another order soon. Until then have a good holiday and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thanks."   John Sgambelluri  Meriden, Connecticut
"We have referred many people from Florida to you and everyone is happy with the cookies. The fichi for Thanksgiving were very good. Buon Natale."   Bonina Family  Boca Raton, Florida
"Thanks Adriana... Can't wait to have these after our Christmas Eve dinner! Buon Natale amica! Your friend, Lori P.S. The fig cookies are awesome... I received the shipment for Thanksgiving and everything was in great shape. Thanks so much... Grazie Mille!"   Lori Stull  Harker Heights, Texas
"Io sono nata a Ribera e mi ricordo il sapore delle mandorle siciliane. Aspetto in anzio. Molto Grazie e Buone Feste"   Caterina Fischbach  Lakewood, New Jersey
"I just wanted to say thanks for the cookies. They were awesome and delicious. I sent them to my mom for a surprise. Even though the shipping was a little longer then expected because of the Anthrax check. I must admit I was a satisfied customer! Thanks again."   Jamie Turnbow  Sandy, Utah
"Caro Leo! The cookies were buonissimo as usual."   Vince P.  Tampa, Florida
"Hi, I want you to know they didn't like them...they LOVED them. Thanks again for having such a great company."   Linda J.  Amityville, New York
"Got the cookies today, oh my I feel like my mother is still alive and she made all the cookies for the holidays. That was a very long time ago. Thank you for helping me to remember the good days. Now all we need are the eels swimming in the bathtub, Ha Ha Ha."   Alexandria Pike  Bryan, Ohio
"To all @; I've been sending your cookies to friends and business contacts and have received raves about your products. I finally treated my own family and you have given some of the finest cookies we've ever eaten. Thank you for a terrific product and excellent service. I hope others use your product as gifts, as they show a special care and are unique!"   Albert M. Cerone  Toms River, New Jersey
"We received our cookies in time for Christmas, I have enjoyed the tasty morsels with great delight. Thank you so very much for getting our order here in time. I am sharing my treasure with someone else and also sharing your business cards too! I will definitely be your customer for a life time. Bless you"   Vivian Nitzschke  Henderson, Nevada
"Thank you SO very much for all your efforts in getting the cookies here... I had three telephone calls from FedEx, helping to track the package, and helping to get it here... What ever you did worked because their whole attitude changed... The cookies arrived this morning at 8:00 AM sharp. We hope that ALL your deliveries arrive on time and also wish you the best the New Year can bring... Again "Thanks" to ALL of you. P.S. I just had to taste everything, and they are ALL wonderful... You will always have a customer here... and I am also passing out your cards to friends..."   Susan Frangiapane-Sauer  Penfield, New York
"Thank you for the delicious cookies. I did receive them for the holidays and they were great! You will definitely hear from us very soon! The cookies arrived fresh, and all in one piece. Thank you! Happy Holidays!"   Michelina Burd  Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
"Thank you so much for this e-mail. My friends who picked up the cookies and placed them in my freezer had one of the sampler boxes. They raved about the cookies. They frequently vacation in Italy and said they have never tasted anything like Adriana's cookies. I open the package of Orange/Almond cookies this morning and had some for dessert this evening. Please tell Adriana that I think they are wonderful... I stopped after consuming six of them. The citrus peel is certainly a marvelous ingredient. I will be ordering more of these in the future. It's already New Year's for you, but I want to wish everyone at the bakery the very Happiest of New Year's. Again, thank you for the phone call last week. You went far beyond what any company here in the states would do, and I want you to know it was and is appreciated. My very best to you and Adriana."   Bob Mahoney  Fairfax, California
"The very day I wrote you I received my cookies - I am sure that the delay had something to do with 9/11/01. They are DELICIOUS - not even stale - I adore the almond paste. And you are TOO kind to send me a map of Realmonte. My husband and I are going to visit Agrigento in April - we hope this is a good time of year to come to Sicily? mille grazie"   Bonney Petersen  Seattle, Washington
"We received one of my orders today and the cookies are almost all gone! They are sooooo fresh and scrumptious! I am so happy to have discovered you--it is such a special treat. Also, to receive 2 lbs. of fresh, delicious cookies from your bakery in Sicily, all the way to the U.S., at under $20, is such a bargain! I so appreciate your very affordable shipping charges -- you just can't beat it, even here in the U.S.! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I look forward to placing more orders very soon. Happy New Year to you all!"   Charmaine Hess  Escondido, California
"Thank you for your response. I received the cookies on Friday, they are all absolutely delicious! Paste di Mandorle are my favorite cookies. Each time I visit my family in Sicily I always make sure that I bring some back. Now I can easily order them anytime via the internet with you. Ciao,"  Daniela Niceforo  Syosset, New York
"Thank you for all of your help! Your company has the best service and the best cookies I have ever had! I tell everyone about them! Happy Holidays!!!"   Patricia Marklund  Costa Mesa, California
"Grazie to you... We received the cookies this morning and therefore we are able to take them with us... Once again they are delicious... I am so pleased that I have told all that will listen about your bakery and the lovely service I have received from you... The cookies arrived in excellent condition and I cant wait for my mom to try them... She is 88 and was born in Sicily and cant wait to taste the Buccellati... Thank you again."   Carmella Van Benthuysen  Syracuse, New York
"The cookies were DELICIOUS! The cookies that I ordered from you were one of my gifts to my husband. My husband who is Italian, said he has never had Italian cookies taste as good as yours. THANK YOU again and we will order more soon!"   Mr and Mrs. Scardina  Berwyn, Illinois
"I was in a studio (27 Jan pm.) while taking some photos yesterday, my colleague called me that I have a package from Italy. I bet it must be the cookies from Sicily. What a surprise to open up the package and found those yummy cookies. I shared with my colleagues and they just love it. Now I just left several pieces and planning to take back home for my mom. Thank you very much for the tasty cookies. I love it very much. Also appreciate the fast shipment."   Candy Pok, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
"Thank you for inquiring about the cookies. Yes, we enjoyed the almond cookies very much. We had them for Thanksgiving. I also ordered the Amarena and Buccellati cookies for Christmas. These were also greatly enjoyed by my family. I plan to order more during Easter. I also want to thank you for the birthday greeting you sent me. It is fun to get messages from Italy. Sincerely,"   Bernell Carlson  Twain Harte, California
"Your cookies arrived in great condition and all those that received them were very pleased... You can be assured that I will keep you on my favorite places and order again in the future... Ciao"   Carmella Van Benthuysen  Syracuse, New York
"Buon Giorno Ciccarello, yes both orders were received in good condition and were great. Thank you again and I hope to be ordering more cookies in the future. Ciao,"   Ed DeMaria  Austin, Texas
"They arrived in time for Christmas and everyone just loved them. Thank you very much. I'm sure I'll be ordering some more cookies soon. Ciao and Grazie."   Kay Rockers,  USA
"The cookies arrived in very good time and were packaged very well. All of the cookies were delicious (very moist). They were bought for a special Christmas family gathering. My family enjoyed them very much. Our family ancestors are originally from Aragona, Sicily. So having cookies from the same region that my grandparents Salvatore Amato, and Rose Contrino Amato came from, made them even more special. Thank you very much,"   Mary K. Amato Hall  Winchester, Virginia
"Buon Giorno Leo, Thanks for writing to see if we enjoyed the Italian cookies. As always, your cookies arrived fresh and brought a little bit of Italy to our holiday table. It's the next best thing to being in Italy for the holidays. The cookies always help us celebrate our heritage and bring back fond memories of holidays gone by. Thanks so much for sending your wonderful cookies. I hope your have a year full of prosperity and good health. Ciao,"   Mary Lou Muthig  Wallkill, New York
"Everyone enjoyed the fabulous cookies... I even gave a package away as a gift to a family member that was born in Italy. Thanks"   Michele Natali  Howell, New Jersey
"Yes she did... In fact loved them. At age 94 she doesn't bake anymore but has fond memories of the recopies brought from Sicily by her mother that she carried on for years. They arrived in very good condition. Thank you again,"   Rich Salmon  Dayton, Ohio
"I liked the cookies so much that I am coming to Sicily. I will be in Agrigento about the 17th of March. I hope to be able to find your business. Ti mando tanti saluti!"   Bob Jones  Chesterfield, Virginia
"I meant to write to you about your cookies, but as luck would have I got busy and simply forgot. My cookies arrived safely and on time. The cookies were simply delicious and reminded me when I was a kid and spending summers with my grandparents who were from southern Italy. Of course, I also remember having those very same cookies at all the weddings we went too. I became addicted to your cookies and so has my Mom (88 yrs. young). We will be ordering again very soon. Thank you again!"   Patricia Scholl  Erie, Pennsylvania
"Your cookies were delicious and I will be ordering again, thank you..."   Frances Littlejohn  Hawthorne, California
"Buon giorno, I just received my cookies and they are delicious!!! Molto bene, mille grazie! Please send me another order, I'll be your best customer in Florida!!! Ciao"   Don Pandozzi  Pinellas Park, Florida
"Hello dear friends, my cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Normandia, enjoyed your almond cookies very much. They are from New York where you can buy anything and everything, so it was hard to think of what to send them for a surprise for their 50th wedding anniversary. The cookies turned out to be the perfect gift. They said they thought they had heard of everything but they never knew you could order delicious, freshly made cookies from Italy! Your cookies are my favorite gift to send my Italian-American relatives -- a nice reminder of where our grandparents came from more than a hundred years ago. Thanks for making it possible!"   Priscilla Normandy Greenwood,  USA
"The cookies arrived in good shape this afternoon, thanks for your prompt response. We enjoy baking from my families Sicilian cookie recipes, so this is a real treat for us. The cookies are delicious, grazie! A picture of ours is attached. Abbiamo ricevuto oggi il biscotti. La mia moglie ed Io ora stiamo godendoli, grazie molto, sono squisito! Grazie!"   Bob and Natalie SanFelippo  San Jose, California
"Adriana, mille grazie for my birthday card, that was so nice of you! I woke up this morning on my birthday and your card was the first one I received. I also got your cookies this week and as usual they are delicious. You will be hearing from me soon again. Ciao!"   Donald Pandozzi  Pinellas Park, Florida
"I received an email from my family in Pescara to tell me how delicious the cookies are. I can't wait to taste them myself. I have just discovered my family in Italy and I appreciated you sending my gifts for me. I hope to get to Sicily one day and perhaps I can visit your bakery. Thank You so much. Have a blessed and Happy Easter."   Marianne DiTonno  King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
"Thank you so much! She and all her friends enjoyed the delicious Italian cookies that she thought only her mother could make. I look forward to doing business again soon with your bakery."   Carolyn Coleman  McKinney, Texas
"Thank you for the information on your town and store. I have looked it up on the map and it is not far from Caltabellotta, where I will be staying when I come to Sicily, and will make sure to visit your lovely town and bakery. I will also be prepared to try more of your delicious bakery items. I have told my friends about your site on the internet, you may be getting more orders in the future from our area. Thank you for providing a link to some of our Italian foods. I also like your site for the recipes, we have tried them and enjoy them very much. Mille grazie,"   Shirley (Truncali-Colaianni) Sinclaire  Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Thank you! I LOVE getting this info. I am Italian through my fraternal grandmother and my husband is 100% 2nd generation. His father literally "came off the boat" with so many others. Your website is a taste of home."   Judy DeSantis  Chester, South Carolina
"Signore Ciccarello, grazie tanto for all your help. I am anxiously awaiting for my cookies. I can't wait to share them with my family. Thanks for all your help, it's a pleasure to do business with a company that is very professional. Ciao ciao and buon natale and happy new year. Enjoy the weather in Italy it is very cold here in Connecticut."   Ermelinda Demaio  Easton, Connecticut
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